Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Working space - Egg cups and photosession

Its almost easter.
Time to color eggs.
No time to color eggs? Just use beautiful egg cups for your breakfast table:

This one are made with Linocut - what else?
Handprinted without press and handcut.
I created this egg cups already a couple of weeks ago, but just made it to take the photos today.
Shooting egg cups was much easier than taking photos of my greeting cards and artwork.

No need to color your eggs for easter, if you use beautiful egg cups.
Available soon in my shops on etsy and dawanda.
To find out what others creative folks are working on head over to the Blog of the Etsy Germany Streetteam!


  1. That is fantastic. Where can I get such egg cups? I am not amused of colouring my eggs.

  2. I'm speechless! Love the the egg stands and the photos1

  3. That is fabulous! Hello from AUstralia :)

  4. Aduuh lutuuu, gimana kalo pink? heheh